It is a place of hospitality, art, local food and wine.

It is the place where our family spent long summer months, a place of memories, sweet scents and first experiences.

It is the place where we chose to live, opening our doors to friends, wine lovers and whoever wishes to visit us or share a piece of our history.

Villa Pandolfa, also known as Villa degli spiriti (Villa of the Spirits) or Casa dalle 100 finestre (House with One Hundred Windows), was built between 1731 and 1743 by the Marchesi Albicini family. Unlike most of the countryside residences located in the Forlì area, Villa Pandolfa has some atypical features, such as the square structure. As soon as the construction of the villa was finished, the Albicinis began furnishing it with antiques and precious works of art. Eighteenth-century paintings, illustrating the war events that made Pandolfo Malatesta famous, are still visible inside the Villa.

In the fifties, the Villa underwent complex restoration works by local artisans and artists, who adapted stuccoes, flooring and decorations to the Villa’s original eighteenth-century style.

The largest vineyard of the Rabbi valley surrounds the Villa and the interiors include magnificent rooms, frescoes, a large staircase and the room where Carducci used to stay.

Villa Pandolfa is currently open to visitors and its rooms and gardens are available for event planning.

We are developing new projects, with the idea of creating spaces devoted to hospitality.